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Analyses of indicators other than listed in the table is possible after prior consultation.


The analyses are performed in accordance with fully documented methods and analytical procedures and are based on requirements of European and international standards. We perform the analyses in accordance with GMP and directives of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2 standard.


Range of services:



Waste samples of plant origin.

Environmental monitoring

Examination and assessment of the state of the environment in order to observe the changes taking place in it .


in the range accredited sampling ..

Opinions , consultations, counseling

environmental protection , interpretation of the results of analyzes


as regards degradation of contaminating chemicals present in an aqueous effluent and ground .

Reports, studies

Performed on the work and environmental research .

DM Laboratory

for environmental analysis provides services in research and development in the area of natural and chemical science, and environmental protection.



 ul. Opolska 140, 52-014 Wrocław



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